Campaign is over. What's next?

Campaign is over. What's next?

Campaign is over. What's next?

Our campaign is finally over. These were the most incredible and motivating 30 days in the life of our team. Thank you all for your support. We will try our best to repay your trust. Honestly, we didn't expect to raise so much funding. The extra money we got will be our air-bag in case of unforeseen expenses, new epidemic or a zombie invasion, not to mention all stretch goals you successfully unlocked: alternative case colors, Bluetooth LE and NFC.

It was fun, but that was just the beginning: the next part will be even more epic. From the very beginning, we've chosen to be absolutely open and transparent to our community. We promise to show you the whole development and manufacturing process, including all the challenging and tricky parts. Let us also remind you that we have an active Flipper Development Program for developers who want to take part in the project.


1. I missed the campaign, how do I pre-order my Flipper Zero?

We are taking a break and pause all marketing activities. Right now we are focused on development and manufacturing tasks. Pre-order may be opened in a few months on our website. So just take a rest for now. You can subscribe for updates on to get an email when pre-order will be available. So right now keep calm and just wait for news.

2. When will Kickstarter charge my credit card? What if the card is expired or failed?

Right now, after the campaign has ended you may see the money is getting charged. If Kickstarter fails to charge your card, you will have 7 days to update your payment details and click the "Fix Payment" button. You will get an email with detailed instructions from Kickstarter. Don't forget to click the button if you want Kickstarter to try again.

3. When can I choose the case color and specify my shipping address?

In a few months you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to choose a color and specify the shipping address. You'll also be able to change your address before we start shipping. Please don't forget to check your inbox and spam folders.

4. How can I follow the development process and updates?

We will publish updates here on Kickstarter and in our social media. You can join our Discord server and forum to discuss Flipper Zero development.

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