Under the pressure of unexpected fame. Answering your questions

Under the pressure of unexpected fame. Answering your questions

Under the pressure of unexpected fame. Answering your questions

Oh boy, It’s just insane right now. The phone is blowing up, thousands of emails and push notifications arrive every day. We were definitely not ready for such a massive attack.

Our team has no social media managers or dedicated people to manage the comments and direct message, so please sorry for our not very quick response speed. Rest assured, we will answer all questions as soon as possible.

We’ll try to answer the most important questions here

What is the shipping price?

Shipping is worldwide. We will ask you to pay it separately closer to the date of the shipping on our website. Due to the coronavirus, the shipping prices are highly volatile right now, so we cannot accurately predict the exact delivery price. Even a few dollars of change can generate a massive risk for the project.

For now, we expect the prices to be 10-35$ depending on the shipping area. We are not making any money on it, and we will do our best to optimize the shipping process, so you get the lowest prices and fastest delivery times possible.

How about local taxes, duties, and VAT?

Our prices do not include local taxes, duties, and VAT. That will be subject to the laws and regulations of each individual country, but we will do our best to minimize the additional costs.

When will you ship?

We will receive the funds 14 days after the campaign ends, and then immediately kick off the tooling production. After that, we will run a few trial runs to be totally sure that the product is ready and reliable. If everything goes well, we’ll start shipping in February 2021.

Official firmware will not have any kind of potentially illegal features, such as jamming, brute force, etc. So Flipper Zero should be completely legal in all countries. Since its open-source, you can always implement any feature you want or use 3rd party firmware made by the community. In this case, all responsibility is on you.

Will my Flipper have NFC and Bluetooth?

Yes, all the Flippers will have an NFC and Bluetooth. This does not depend on when you made your pledge.

How to choose the color? Can I add more Flippers to my pledge?

After the campaign ends, we will share a link to our Pledge Manager website. There you will be able to choose the color, confirm your address, choose add-ons, as well as change your pledge quantity. So keep an eye on your inbox.

I’m a noob, how can I learn to use Flipper?

We will make a wiki, the knowledge base, and how-to tutorials. This will help beginners to get familiar with Flipper features, coding, and electronics development. But it will be also very useful for experienced users and help them to dig deep inside Flipper’s brain — firmware architecture and electronics schematics.

Can I join the development?

Totally! We hope for your contribution from the very early stages. We are preparing the development program right now and will share it very soon in a future update.